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BT Kelly Electric: Master Electrician for Howell, Freehold & Jackson Township, NJ

License #: 34EB01228300

The electrician's trade and the National Electrical Code (NEC) exist to provide the highest standard of electrical safety. We always follow the NEC to provide you with an electrical installation that will work for decades in an efficient and hazard-free manner. We use top-notch devices and materials that have been evaluated by nationally known inspection groups such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to ensure they meet safety requirements. We specialize in the correct installation of smoke detectors; meeting the building, fire and electrical codes; and giving the coverage required for your safety in the event of fire.

Our Licensed Master Electrician has been working in the Monmouth and Ocean areas of New Jersey for 30 years. He is familiar with the special techniques required to make long lasting electrical installations in areas subject to coastal conditions. He can replace breakers or fuse boxes, install recessed lighting and ceiling fans and do electrical work for remodels and additions.  We also do electrical upgrades.

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