Electrical Services in Howell, Freehold or Jackson Township, NJ

We provide free estimates for electrical work in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. We specialize in electrical work in homes and small apartments.

Replacement Panels and Electric Services

Although electrical equipment such as fuse and circuit breaker panels are designed for long life, salt air and pollution can lessen their lifespan. Fuse panels can expose the person changing a fuse to a shock hazard. In some instances, Home Inspectors, Electrical Inspectors and Insurance Companies can recommend the replacement of old panels. In other instances, the additional loads in an older home can overload the panel, or the panel can be too small for needed additional circuits. In some cases, the complete electric system needs to be upgraded to properly handle new electrical appliances or equipment such as air conditioners, heat pumps, hot tubs, pools and pool heaters. You can count on BT Kelly Electric to give you an honest appraisal of the condition of your panel(s) and service.

If you decide to upgrade your panel or service, this also provides an opportunity to add new safety innovations that appear in the newer NEC editions:

• AFCI circuit breakers that help protect from fire caused by loose connections, plugs, and frayed cords
• GFCI circuit breakers and receptacles that help prevent electrical shock in areas subject to dampness or near water
• Tamper-resistant receptacles that help prevent shocks and burns to inquisitive children

Electrical Services For Additions, Renovations and Remodeling

If you are remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or other room in your home, BT Kelly Electric has the expertise to make an economical, safe job of the electrical wiring. If you are planning an addition, finishing a basement or adding a ceiling fan, we can provide the wiring and installation you need. We can help you with:

Hot Tubs, Pools and other Major Appliances

Hot tubs and pools have special safety concerns and require special wiring. We know what has to be done and will install sub panels to serve these special needs.


We can replace and add receptacles to make your home safer and more convenient for your modern electrical needs. Our receptacle services include:

• Replacing worn receptacles that barely hold the plugs in.
• Replacing old two-prong receptacles with three prong ones.
• Installing outside receptacles to avoid running cords through windows or doorways.
• Adding USB recharging receptacles for your portable electronics.
• Installing tamper-resistant receptacles for the increased safety of small children.
• Adding receptacles for the increased need brought on by modern electrical appliances.

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